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Author Archives: KARL ROBE

Crisis planning is an important task

Before the phone rings with news of a crisis, the clock is ticking on the crucial first hour of your ability to successfully navigate that crisis. Your mind races with questions.

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How to get ahead of the new legal trends

Trends exist for nearly every profession. Capitalizing on those trends requires differentiation from competitors - regardless of whether trends indicate market movement up, down or sideways. Every market shift drives the need for continuous honing of how your firm is different and more valuable than competitors.

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Law firms: Produce value or perish

For the past two decades, according to the Association of Corporate Counsel, there has been an unrelenting drive by companies and their suppliers to reduce costs while increasing quality and value in their products and services. The only outlier seems to be law firms. This observation seemingly is confirmed in a recent issue of the California Bar Journal, which contained ...

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