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Author Archives: Jean DiMotto

Court fumbles with abortion-case ruling

The Court of Appeals rejected Planned Parenthood’s bid for declaratory judgment on the construction of two abortion statutes, and in the process damaged the idea of justiciability.

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BENCH BLOG: Homicide by text message

In a case of reckless homicide by text messages, a defendant sought to suppress evidence of the messages themselves. The trial court denied his motion and the Court of Appeals affirmed.

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BENCH BLOG: State Supreme Court keeps on truckin’

Can a jury consider the training and experience of a semi-trailer truck driver in determining his negligence? Is a commercially licensed truck driver held to higher standard of care when a semi-trailer is involved in a collision?

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BENCH BLOG: Court opens door for more ‘other-acts evidence’

In keeping with last year’s legislative changes to the state’s other-acts evidence statute, the conservative majority on the Wisconsin Supreme Court took a recent case involving the sexual assault of a child as an occasion to liberalize its application of this sort of evidence.

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