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Author Archives: Jane Pribek

Steps to a faster, more reliable PC

The big holiday is next Monday.

Not Valentine's Day. I'm talking about National Clean out Your Computer Day, which is probably of greater interest to you if you're at all like Sheldon on "The Big Bang Theory."

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Motivationally speaking

Sandy McGee had the recent pleasure of playing the “$100 bill fairy” on New Year’s Eve Day at work, distributing crisp, new bills to all staff. Sure, everyone would’ve preferred to stay home from The Schroeder Group Attorneys at Law that day.

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Coach ‘em up

Without Vince Lombardi, could the Green Bay Packers have pulled off their astonishing victory over the Dallas Cowboys in the 1967 NFL Championship Game, better known as the “Ice Bowl?”

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A law firm by any other name  …

Personal injury attorneys in California probably like to joke about the cheapness of lawyers at Bay-area insurance-defense firm Low, Ball & Lynch. It’s a real firm, with a really bad name. And is it any wonder that Argue & Phibbs, in Sligo, Ireland, is no longer a going concern?

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Benefits of good health outweigh costs

Attorney Tony O'Malley didn't quite know what to think his wife, Sandie, gave him a gift certificate for massage therapy, meditation and yoga classes a couple of years ago. He put it away after the holidays and nearly forgot about it - he was way too busy practicing law to actually think about his own mental and physical health, after all.

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Virtual office offers lawyers real benefits

Brookfield attorney Martin L. Ditkof's father died at age 54. It left a huge impression on Ditkof, 53, who wanted to be able to manage his practice in a way that would let him enjoy life as well.

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