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What it takes to be a national law firm

In 1960, fewer than 40 law firms in this country had 50 or more lawyers. In the latest listing of the 250 largest U.S. firms, even after two years of declines in total employment, number 250 on the list still employed 160 attorneys. Many of these firms began practice in a single city or small region before their growth took them to a national level. Often such law firms followed their corporate clients, which for decades have lived by the philosophy that bigger was better.

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Commentary: Good lessons from a coach’s coach

To call someone a “lawyer’s lawyer” is a high compliment on that person’s legal skill. To me, as a coach to the legal profession, UCLA’s basketball legend John Wooden was a “coach’s coach.” Coach Wooden, who recently passed away just ...

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Commentary: Outdated Concepts of the Guild

Lawyers risk discipline for using traditional marketing tactics to reach prospective clients. The rules of professional conduct are replete with restrictions on marketing, advertising, solicitation, the use of social media, and more. Bar associations will not provide professional education credit ...

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