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Milwaukee Police launch Operation Summer Guardian ’24


Milwaukee Police launch Operation Summer Guardian ’24


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Over the Memorial Day Weekend, the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) launched the third annual Operation Summer Guardian Summer Initiative to address gun violence.  Prior to launching, MPD convened with the Medical College of Wisconsin who completed an analysis of the initiative from 2023.

“Our evaluation of Operation Summer Guardian is carried out in partnership with MPD and is meant to examine its outcomes and inform recommendations,” said Constance Kostelac, PhD, Assistant Professor in Epidemiology & Social Sciences and Director of the Division of Data Analytics and Informatics with the Comprehensive Injury Center (CIC) at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

“With each year of the program, MPD has modified their community-informed approach to incorporate recommendations from our analyses which, in part, reflects the perspective of understanding gun violence as a critical public health issue. We look forward to continuing our partnership and evaluating both the implementation and outcomes of this program,” she added.

According to officials, MPD incorporated key recommendations from an analysis conducted through the Medical College of Wisconsin which includes a focus in hotspot areas developed from an evaluation of not just gunshot detection system data, but also an analysis of non-fatal shootings, homicides and shots fired calls.  We also enhanced community feedback throughout the process that included a pre-deployment and a post-deployment survey.

“I believe Operation Summer Guardian’s focus for this summer as it relates to gun violence is extremely important,” said Homer Blow, Founder, Homer Blow Foundation Inc.

“Our communities must also know how important it is that we work together with the Operation Summer Guardian to make it successful.  Working together, we can and will have a safe summer,” he added.

MPD will have ongoing discussions with our intergovernmental and community partners during the operation.  In addition, we also created a forum for follow up to ensure our efforts best support the neighborhoods we are serving.

Based on the data-driven analysis, there will be an increased police presence to address gun violence in 27 neighborhoods throughout the City.

These neighborhoods include:

Amani, Arlington Heights, Borchert Field, Fairfield, Forest Home Hills, Franklin Heights, Hampton Heights, Historic Mitchell Street, Lincoln Creek, Lincoln Village, Metcalfe Park, Midtown, Muskego Way, North Division, Old North Milwaukee, Roosevelt Groove, Saint Joseph’s, Sherman Park, Silver Swann, Sunset Heights, Thurston Woods, Triangle North, Valhalla, Wahl Park, Walker’s Point, Walnut Hill and Washington Park.

“MPD’s response and enforcement strategies will be consistent with the standards of fair, impartial, and constitutional policing, guided by MPD’s Code of Conduct.  Officers engaged in Operation Summer Guardian attended special training to ensure compliance with the Collins Settlement Agreement,” officials added.

MPD has seen an increase in youth victims and suspects involved in violent crime.

“It is everyone’s responsibility to be a positive example for our children.  As in 2023, this year’s deployment will focus on curfew enforcement and parental responsibility,” MPD said.

“If your child is out after hours without a valid reason and is involved in an incident, we will cite you.  Parents and guardians help us keep your children safe.   Know where your children are, and do your part to keep firearms out of the hands of youth”, said Chief Jeffrey Norman.

The Milwaukee Police Department said they are committed to working with our community to build sustainable healthy neighborhoods, free of crime and maintained by positive relationships.


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