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Losing Supreme Court Candidate Dan Kelly reappears on Twitter

Losing Supreme Court Candidate Dan Kelly reappears on Twitter

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Losing Wisconsin Supreme Court Candidate Dan Kelly reemerged on Twitter last week in the form of a parody account.

The owner of the account is private and short of a court subpoena, it would be difficult if not impossible to determine the owner of the new Twitter account.

The Wisconsin Law Journal reached out to Kelly Wednesday requesting comment, but did not receive a response prior to publication.

Recent Tweets from the Justice Daniel Kelly parody account mock the former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice.

A recent May 8, 2023, Tweet from the account said: “Thank you Scott! You do a lot, especially for people like me, only resulting in me losing by 11%. You are something special.”

The May 8 tweet is in reference to Scott Presler who stumped for Kelly. Presler who was at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. also organized “stop the steal” protests.

Kelly also campaigned alongside Pastor Matthew Trewhella who called killing doctors who perform abortions “justifiable homicide,” and in 2020 compared COVID-19 mask mandates to the holocaust.

Click here to view the parody account.

Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Janet Protasiewicz was declared the winner of the Wisconsin Supreme Court race on April 4.

As previously reported by the Wisconsin Law Journal, Kelly’s Twitter account was deleted on April 5, 2023, just days after losing the Wisconsin Supreme Court race. The Wisconsin Law Journal recovered some of Kelly’s tweets.

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