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Disciplinary Complaint

WI Court of Supreme Court

Case Name: Office of Lawyer Regulation v. Nathan E. DeLadurantey

Case No.: 2020AP001616-D

Officials: Ann Walsh Bradley, J.

Focus: Disciplinary Complaint

The Office of Lawyer Regulation (OLR) appeals Referee Robert E. Kinney’s report, as amended, recommending that the court dismiss the remaining charges in the disciplinary complaint filed against Attorney Nathan E. DeLadurantey alleging that Attorney DeLadurantey violated the Attorney’s Oath in Supreme Court Rule (SCR) 40.15,1 which is enforced via SCR 20:8.4(g),2 by failing to abstain from “offensive personality.”

This court issued an initial opinion in this case on July 8, 2022, unaware of the referee’s submission of errata pages for his report that eliminated much of the legal basis for our initial opinion. The appeals court withdrew that opinion by order dated July 12, 2022. The discovery of those errata pages caused the appeals court then reviewed the basis upon which the parties had requested the referee to accept Attorney DeLadurantey’s no-contest plea and upon which the referee had made factual findings in his report. Having asked for and received responses from the parties regarding their agreement as the factual basis for the plea, and having reconsidered the record in this matter, the appeals court now issues this revised opinion concluding that DeLadurantey did engage in “offensive personality” in one incident that he admits, and the appeals court determines that the appropriate discipline for that misconduct is a public reprimand and also determines  that Attorney DeLadurantey should be required to pay costs of this disciplinary proceeding in the amount of $17,570.10.

Decided 03/03/23

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