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UNSUNG HEROES – Zack Tremaine – Waukesha County Circuit Court

Zack Tremaine - Waukesha County Circuit Court

Zack Tremaine is no stranger to wearing many hats.

Tremaine, court technologist for the Waukesha County Circuit Court, has spent his entire career with Waukesha County, and whether it’s upgrading computer or network hardware, fielding support calls from staff, or testing new technology, his reputation for hard work, attention to detail and efficiency is well known. One of his most exciting – and largest – endeavors to date is helping the county’s courthouse upgrade to the latest recommended security standards.

Tremaine says that his parents modeled what it looked like to work hard to commit yourself to something.

“They both grew up on farms and taught me the value of hard work, being helpful and respectful to others and to essentially figuring out how to troubleshoot and solve the problem in front of you in order to keep things working,” he said.

Tremaine said that his role in information technology in the legal field requires him to be able to adapt quickly, and for other people that are up and coming in the legal field, he has words of advice: “Be open to changes and continuous learning. Although my role in the legal field is focused on information technology and anything A/V related, anytime a process changes, so does the technology that helps drive that process to completion.”

“In addition to being our IT guru extraordinaire, Zack has spent countless hours over the last few years as the court’s liaison on two major construction projects,” said Judge Jennifer Dorow, Waukesha County Circuit Court chief judge. “Without Zack we would not have the state-of-the-art courtrooms we have in the Secure Courts Addition and what will be available in the remodeled courthouse. The judges, clerks, court reporters, attorneys, litigants and jurors are all the direct beneficiaries of his amazing attention to detail, expertise and problem-solving skills.”

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