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UNSUNG HEROES – Pamela Bartoli – Godfrey & Kahn


UNSUNG HEROES – Pamela Bartoli – Godfrey & Kahn


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Pamela Bartoli - Godfrey & Kahn

Pamela Bartoli began her career in the legal field in 1992, when she worked as a backup receptionist with Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek. She quickly moved into the role of legal secretary, then earned her paralegal certification to become a legal assistant. Today, she works as a group leader/legal executive assistant for Godfrey & Kahn.

When the pandemic began, Bartoli didn’t skip a beat. She continued to work onsite every day, supporting the team that was both in the office and remote. Her proficiency, dedication to detail and deep care for the firm shines in every task she completes.

When asked what heroes she has in her life that have helped get her to where she is today, Bartoli said there are two people who stand out.

“One was a high school teacher who helped me realize that I had great personal strength and provided moral support during these formative years,” she said. “The other would be my mentor in the legal field, attorney Daryl Diesing of Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek, who taught me so very much about law firms and the law, and gave me the opportunity to learn, grow and become who I am today professionally.”

Emily Lushi, talent manager at Godfrey & Kahn, said that Bartoli’s natural leadership has been a gift to the firm.

“When faced with a new challenge or change, Pam strives to champion whatever it is with a positive attitude and she encourages those around her to do the same,” she said. “She may not always like or agree with the change, but she trusts and understands the big picture goal enough that she is willing to help the cause in the best way she can. To put it simply, Pam is just wonderful. She is hardworking, caring and a natural leader. Her joyous attitude and her brightly colored clothes match who she is at her core.”


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