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RISING YOUNG LAWYER – Samantha Huddleston Baker – OVB Law & Consulting

Samantha Huddleston Baker - OVB Law & Consulting

Growing up, Samantha Huddleston Baker had everything she needed and a loving family.

However, when the Great Recession hit in 2008, she realized how hard her family worked and how fragile employment was, as companies around the country laid off workers en masse.

“I wanted to be able to have the autonomy over my career and to know that even when times are tough, I could provide for myself without relying on anyone else. To me, a law degree provides that security, said Huddleston Baker, who attended Marquette University Law School and graduated in 2018.

Today, she is a partner/shareholder at OVB Law & Consulting, where she represents and counsels businesses and real estate entrepreneurs on business law, real estate and administrative compliance matters.

She has drafted and negotiated hundreds of contracts and deals on behalf of her clients.

“As a small business lawyer I work with business owners and aspiring business owners every day,” she said. “I get to hear their stories, learn about their passions and help them work towards achieving their goals. While I also enjoy the more mundane tasks like redlining and research, nothing is better than sitting down with a client to strategize and brainstorm solutions that will benefit them and their business in the long run.”

Huddleston Baker has a knack for being able to analyze legal issues from several perspectives. This is partly due to the fact that prior to focusing her practice on transactional matters, she litigated commercial and civil matters in federal, state and administrative forums.

Outside of the office, Huddleston enjoys reading, working out and exploring Milwaukee.

“One of my favorite things about Milwaukee is that there is so much to explore and there are so many local businesses to try out and support,” she said. “When time allows, I love to travel and love planning trips.”

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