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RISING YOUNG LAWYER – Bryce Loken – Quarles & Brady

Bryce Loken - Quarles & Brady

Bryce Loken was just a teenager when his father suggested that the legal field might be a good fit because, as Loken puts it, “I always had to argue everything.”

That planted the idea that later became a reality after Loken graduated from the University of Wisconsin Law School in 2016. Later that year, he joined Quarles & Brady, where today he is an associate in the firm’s Intellectual Property Practice Group.

Loken is regarded as a rising star in IP litigation and focuses on patent, trademark and trade secret litigation and counseling in a variety of industries.

“I most enjoy the vast array of technologies and concepts presented in IP litigation,” he said. “I get to be a legal jack-of-all-trades and a master of none. This suits my mindset and natural curiosities.

“I enjoy that I am able to parachute into a particular field, conduct a deep dive to learn everything I need to know on a given technology or invention, apply that knowledge to the client’s case, and move on the to the next challenge once we finish. I also enjoy the ability to see so many different aspects of technology and how they intersect with the law.”

Loken is a hard worker who not only digs into the legal research and factual record but contributes to overall strategy. He is regularly on the other side of negotiations and oral arguments with counsel twice his seniority, yet he maintains his understated confidence and composure.

“As the result of his efforts, we have successfully prevailed in many cases,” said Scott Bussen, Quarles & Brady’s senior manager of communications.

Outside of work, Loken enjoys spending time with his fiancé, Chloe, and their dog, Reese, and cat, Gatsby.

“I’m also an avid motorsport racing enthusiast and consequently enjoy working on my cars and taking them to racetracks,” Loken said. “My goal is to start to travel outside the U.S. and drive my car on the other major racetracks across the country.”

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