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LEADER IN THE LAW – Samuel Leib – Leib Knott Gaynor

By: [email protected]//December 8, 2022//

LEADER IN THE LAW – Samuel Leib – Leib Knott Gaynor

By: [email protected]//December 8, 2022//

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Samuel Leib - Leib Knott Gaynor

For Samuel Leib, being a lawyer is a special privilege.

“My father would have liked to have been a lawyer,” said Leib. “My three brothers and I grew up with discussions around the table about history, government and civil rights. In turn, I enjoyed the learning, the challenge of advocacy and trying to do some good with the ability to represent someone who needed some help.”

Leib is an attorney at Leib Knott Gaynor, where he has proven himself to be one of the top personal injury defense attorneys in Wisconsin. His knowledge of medicine and performance in the courtroom is unmatched, colleagues say.

“Most importantly, Sam’s commitment to integrity and doing things correctly in the face of heated litigation is second to none,” said Leib Knott Gaynor Partner Douglas Knott. “He deserves recognition and appreciation for an incredible career and specifically an incredible 2022 by any litigator’s standards.”

In spring 2022, Knott noted that Leib tried three complicated medical malpractice cases in succession, winning defense verdicts in all three cases.

Asked what Leib enjoys most about his job, he said it’s the variety that comes with being a lawyer and the intellectual challenges to learn textbook and practical medicine.

“I have also represented government officials on civil rights matters and that is a particularly challenging,” he said. “I also very much enjoy putting it all together for trial and trying a variety of cases against some of the truly great courtroom attorneys. My son, Brenden Leib, was also an attorney with our firm for six years and these were some of the most enjoyable years of my career.”

Leib also teaches at Marquette Law School and outside of work he enjoys traveling and spending time with family.

“I also enjoy playing the guitar, reading and writing, and attend theater such as the Milwaukee Repertory Theater.”


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