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LEADER IN THE LAW – Kate Bechen – Dykema Gossett


LEADER IN THE LAW – Kate Bechen – Dykema Gossett


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Kate Bechen - Dykema Gossett

Sometimes Kate Bechen feels like she’s always on the clock.

Being an attorney, it comes with the job. You have to be flexible with your hours, depending on the client.

“I don’t get to shut down at a certain time and while I enjoy a lot of flexibility in my day-to-day schedule — and wouldn’t trade that for set hours — I usually feel like I am always working, whether it is on deals for clients or developing new business or managing my office,” Bechen said.

Bechen is a managing member at Dykema Gossett’s Milwaukee office, where she serves clients ranging from early stage startups obtaining initial funding, to high-growth companies engaged in mergers and acquisitions, to public corporations securing large-scale financing.

“The deals she closes are often the most significant business events for companies and the founders,” said her colleague, Kaitlin Huston. “She is a triple threat when it comes to health care, holding a master’s in health administration that has helped her understand an ever-growing, highly regulated industry.

“Her familiarity with corporate health care transactions and her knowledge of the complicated and everchanging regulatory environment makes her even more exceptional.”

The capital markets transactions Bechen handles span many industries, including health care and biopharma, aerospace and military defense, financial technology and clean energy.

One of the most enjoyable parts of her job is the variety that comes with being a lawyer.

“Every deal is different,” she said. “I work with clients who appreciate creative problem-solving and want a business partner, not just a lawyer. Being part of a client’s team as they buy, build and sell companies is very exciting and rewarding.”

When she’s not on the job serving clients, Bechen enjoys spending time with her daughters — ages 2 and 7 — reading, running and exercising at the gym.


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