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Election Law

WI Court of Supreme Court

Case Name: Nancy Kormanik v. William Brash

Case No.: 2022AP001736-W


Focus: Election Law

Kormanik sued the Wisconsin Elections Commission (“WEC”) alleging that two documents provided by the WEC to municipal clerks erroneously interpreted certain election statutes as permitting a clerk to “spoil” an absentee ballot at an elector’s request. Kormanik petitioned for a supervisory writ, claiming that petitions for leave to appeal filed by the Democratic National Committee (“DNC”) and Rise, Inc. (“Rise”) in Kormanik v. Wisconsin Elections Commission, Case Nos. 2022AP1720LV and 2022AP1727-LV, are pending in the wrong appellate district. Because the court agrees with Kormanik, it grants her petition for a supervisory writ and vacate the appellate order transferring venue from District II to District IV.


Decided 10/26/22

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