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New Amazon legal show features Milwaukee case

By: Ali Teske//March 21, 2022//

New Amazon legal show features Milwaukee case

By: Ali Teske//March 21, 2022//

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Amazon’s new show featuring famed Judge Judy Sheindlin, Judy Justice, takes on a Milwaukee case in episode 38.

In the episode from Season 1, plaintiff Javala Elam sues defendant Katrina Weems for $6,400 for the repossession of a purchased car and the value of belongings inside the car at the time of repossession. Elam was only able to prove a payment of $2,800 for a 2005 Toyota Camry purchased from Weems, with Sheindlin not accepting the alleged proof of a $1,000 cash payment. Weems filed a counterclaim of $10,000 for harassment, which was quickly dismissed.

Sheindlin ruled in favor of the plaintiff with a judgment for $2,800.

During the case’s opening, as the parties described their relationship, Weems admitted to purchasing unused food stamps from Elam ($50 for $100 worth of stamps). Weems, a business owner, indicated she would give them away to those she knew in need.

Under Wis. Stat. §946.92(1)(dm)1 and §946.92(2)(f), purchasing or transferring food stamps is a Class I felony if the amount is over $100 but less than $5,000. Law clerk Sarah Rose pointed out the statute to Judge Sheindlin in the judge’s chambers following the case. Both litigants admitted to taking part in the food stamp fraud but it is unclear if there have been repercussions since airing.

The courtroom show streams on Amazon Prime as part of IMDb TV and features the no nonsense judge along with court stenographer Whitney Kumar, law clerk Sarah Rose and bailiff Kevin Rasco.


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