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Car crash settlement reached for $59K

A $59,000 settlement has been reached after a city of Milwaukee car crash.

On Nov. 13, 2020, a Hupy and Abraham client was traveling eastbound on West Walnut Street, at or near the intersection with West Fond Du Lac Avenue, in Milwaukee. At the same time, the defendant was driving her motor vehicle eastbound on West Fond Du Lac Avenue. The plaintiff had the green light and was T-boned by the defendant, who told the police she was following her GPS and did not remember if she had the green light or not. As a result of the collision, the defendant flipped her own car onto the driver’s side before it falling back onto its wheels.

The plaintiff’s car was a total loss as a result of the collision and injuries included soft tissue pain, right leg pain, headaches, chest pain and upper back pain.

Hannah Dockendorff of Hupy and Abraham was the plaintiff’s attorney and the insurance carrier was Geico Casualty Co.

The case was resolved on Nov. 26.

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