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McGuire draws on experience to help Godfrey’s transition to remote work

Betsy McGuire - Godfrey & Kahn

Betsy McGuire – Godfrey & Kahn

For more than two decades, Betsy McGuire has kept Godfrey & Kahn up to date on the ever-changing rules governing intellectual property.

As a paralegal at the firm, McGuire tracks changes to patent and trademark rules nationally and internationally, keeping tabs on changes in the dozens of countries where Godfrey & Kahn’s clients operate.

McGuire said she wants to stay current in part to ease the burden for her fellow employees. She tunes into webinars about changes in regulations and keeps tabs on new procedures to make sure the firm’s filings are precise and timely.

“I always say that the number one thing that I am good at is efficiency and organization,” McGuire said. “I love looking at team procedures and thinking about what can be done more efficiently and streamlined.”

McGuire joined Godfrey & Kahn in 1995 after working as a paralegal at another law firm that specialized in foreclosure work. “It was not uplifting or fun,” she said with a laugh.

Godfrey hired her even though she had no experience dealing with intellectual property, she said. Initially, she started out by sending out basic letters, but quickly took on more duties. Even as her job responsibilities grew over the years, McGuire came only to appreciate her firm more.

“They really do value everyone at every position,” she said.

When the pandemic hit, McGuire found herself in a good spot to help the firm adapt to remote work. She’d worked between her home and the office for years after her kids were born. When her fellow employees were faced with the same prospect, McGuire could provide a steady hand amid so much uncertainty.

“I have always wanted my coworkers to be able to rely on me,” she said. “Keeping up to date and working really hard is important to being good at what I do.”

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