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Lucini the ‘IT guy’ at Boardman Clark

By: Jimmy Nesbitt//December 10, 2021//

Lucini the ‘IT guy’ at Boardman Clark

By: Jimmy Nesbitt//December 10, 2021//

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Luis Lucini - Boardman Clark
Luis Lucini – Boardman Clark

It’s a scenario that almost every office worker has experienced — an IT issue pops up out of nowhere and causes your computer to slow to a crawl, making nearly every task impossible. At Boardman Clark, the person who always answers the bell to solve those IT problems is Luis Lucini.

Lucini is the firm’s desktop support analyst and helps staff navigate through daily technical questions. His expertise has been especially indispensable during the pandemic, when firm members were forced to work remotely.

“Luis is irrepressibly positive and somehow manages a sharp sense of humor even amidst tense circumstances,” said Boardman Clark Communications Director Nick Sayers. “It is extremely contagious, and he often manages to spin tough situations into unexpected smiles. This quality makes Luis’ impact on our firm much bigger than just his considerable tech know-how.”

Lucini has always been interested in computers and studied software engineering in Mexico before moving to the U.S. to work at a school in Edgerton. He joined Boardman Clark in 2019.

Lucini said he enjoys “helping people do something they thought they wouldn’t be able to do. People can be scared by new technology, just because it is different.”

Emma Zoch, a file technician at Boardman Clark, said that Lucini’s attitude and approach to problem-solving make him an ideal person for finding remedies to frustrating computer matters.

“Luis has always met problems with a cheerfulness and sense of humor, which have made working with him a fun reason to come into the office,” Zoch said. “He knows the right thing to say and the right way to approach unhappy co-workers to alleviate stressful situations, which has been more important than ever in the past year.”

Outside work, Lucini enjoys watching movies, solving puzzles, traveling and “taking a drive for no reason.”


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