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Boucher to receive Excellence in Entrepreneurial Education award

Joseph Boucher, whose career in law, accounting and teaching has spanned decades of support for the startup and investing sectors in Wisconsin, will accept the “Excellence in Entrepreneurial Education” award Nov. 3 at the Wisconsin Early Stage Symposium.

The event will be held in-person at the Monona Terrace Convention Center in Madison on Nov. 3-4.

Also known as the “Triple E” award, the designation was launched by the Wisconsin Technology Council to highlight the importance of teaching and mentoring entrepreneurs. The selection of Boucher by the 2021 conference steering committee was based on:

Delivering outstanding quality in teaching entrepreneurship and/or mentoring entrepreneurs, in or out of the classroom

Stimulating innovative methods for teaching or mentoring entrepreneurs

Promoting entrepreneurial education and mentorship among scholars, policymakers, practitioners and others

Providing a significant contribution to the development of best practices in the field.

Boucher is a founding shareholder of Madison law firm of Neider & Boucher and has taught hundreds of university students over time through classes in the UW School of Business, where he has focused on business law, accounting, company formation and professional liability.

Boucher has also volunteered his time to students of all ages, as well as civic and community causes.

He is co-founder of the Wisconsin Innovation Awards.

“Joe Boucher has represented, guided, taught or simply influenced thousands of people in the startup and small business communities over four decades, usually with a quiet style that belies his true passion for entrepreneurship and helping others to succeed,” said Tech Council President Tom Still. “He is a deserving yet humble Triple E recipient.”


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