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Empathy from victim’s family plays role in stabbing sentence

MILWAUKEE (AP) — A Milwaukee man convicted of fatally stabbing his former partner was sentenced Friday to three years in prison, after the victim’s family pleaded for leniency.

Jacob Paradinovich, 33, was found guilty in May of second degree reckless homicide and use of a dangerous weapon in the June 2019 death of Timothy Theis. Prosecutor Michael Lonski said his “gut reaction” was to seek a 10-year prison term but dropped his recommendation to five years after talking to members of the Theis family.

Judge David Borowski knocked off another two years and acknowledged the adjustment was “largely due to the state’s recommendation and the empathy of the victim’s family.”

Paradinovich and Theis were in a relationship in the past, but Paradinovich ended the relationship after he moved out of Wisconsin. They saw each other multiple times after he moved back to Milwaukee, the Journal Sentinel reported.

Amber Theis, the victim’s mother, led off the prosecution’s argument. She talked about the pain and anguish the Theis family felt after the death of Timothy.

“Jacob, I forgive you. It is the request of our family and me personally that Jacob serve the minimum sentence possible,” Theis said.

Theis asked Borowski if she could give Jacob a hug, but the judge denied the request.

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