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Ousted Milwaukee police chief sues to return to work

MILWAUKEE (AP) — A former Milwaukee police chief is asking a judge to force the city to give him his job back.

An attorney for the former chief, Alfonso Morales, filed an affidavit in a Wisconsin court this week arguing the city is dragging its feet in honoring a judge’s December decision that he should be reinstated as police chief, Wisconsin Public Radio reported. Morales was ousted from his post in August following turmoil over racial justice protests and complaints of distrust in the police department. He resigned after the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission demoted him to the rank of captain.

Milwaukee County Judge Christopher Foley reversed the demotion in December, but did not specify how Morales should be reinstated as police chief. According to court filings this week, Morales’ attorney has met with city officials to discuss his return to work or a monetary settlement, but no action has been taken.

An attorney handling the case for the city, as well as city officials, declined to comment on the case to Wisconsin Public Radio.

Morales has asked the court to reinstate him as chief within five days and to require payment of his lost salary, benefits and his legal fees.

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