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Police, Tavern League promote COVID-19 safety in Green Bay

GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) — Green Bay police and the Brown County Tavern League are working together to make sure bars and restaurants are enforcing coronavirus protocol for Sunday’s NFC championship game.

Police Cmdr. Kevin Warych says he saw some “pretty alarming pictures on social media,” during last Saturday’s Green Bay Packers game. Posts showed patrons without masks packed into bars and restaurants.

“We don’t want this virus to spread and anything we can do in lock step with public health we’re going to do,” Warych said.

Brown County Tavern League President Don Mjelde said the message is clear.

“My job is to inform all bar owners and patrons to refresh yourselves, have some discretion with people social distancing and make sure they have masks on,” Mjelde said.
Green Bay police and the Tavern League are not the only ones promoting COVID-19 safety practices going into this weekend. Packers President Mark Murphy has a similar message, WLUK-TV reports.

“For us what we do in Titletown we want to have people there, we want the businesses do well but you also have to follow the protocols,” said Murphy.

“We want people to have a safe and enjoyable weekend coupled with a victory from the Packers,” said Warych.

The police department’s main goal is education and compliance. Officers will document complaints and provide them to the public health department.

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