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Westrup leads ACC-Wisconsin with great timing, improv abilities

Amy Westrup - Association of Corporate Counsel-Wisconsin

Amy Westrup –
Association of Corporate Counsel-Wisconsin

Amy Westrup, executive director of the Association of Corporate Counsel’s Wisconsin chapter, knows something about timing.

When she and her husband moved to Wisconsin in the late 1990s, her first job was working for the Wisconsin Law Journal as a marketing director. That happened right when legal marketing was becoming a career opportunity.

“The timing was such that I got in right at the beginning of the field,” Westrup said. “I was able to take my background of marketing and public relations and apply it to this legal niche.”

After overseeing marketing for Milwaukee law firm Weiss Berzowski Brady and the Milwaukee Bar Association, Westrup took a job at a startup that would prepare her for the unpredictable year that has been 2020.

The company produced virtual events and online meetings. As it turned out, it was about a decade ahead of its time.

“That experience was really important for (ACC-WI) taking our annual conference all virtual,” Westrup said. “I went back to the well of experience with that startup. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’ve done this before.’”

Westrup joined ACC-WI as executive director in 2015. She keeps the Wisconsin chapter connected with its global organization, manages members and sponsors statewide, and plans informative and memorable programs.

Although the pandemic has forced ACC-WI to make some changes, such as put on virtual events, Westrup ensures the organization continues to help corporate counsel deal with all the difficulties presented by 2020.

Her board appreciates not only the work she puts into making the organization helpful to its members but also her optimism in the face of hardship.

“Her charisma and dedication to the ACC is infectious,” said Molly Madonia, associate counsel at Milwaukee World Festival and ACC-WI board member. “I am proud to work with her, and she pushes me to be a better board member and attorney.”

Westrup is also an improv comedy coach, a pursuit she credits with developing her ability to listen and be receptive to other people’s ideas.

“Improv training has helped me immensely because it’s just that ‘yes and … ’ attitude,” Westrop said. “Timing is everything, again. It’s true in comedy and in life.”

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  1. I can attest to Amy’s awesome improv skills. She’s a dynamo.

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