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Ruckstuhl makes name for herself at Arellano & Phebus

Olivia Ruckstuhl - Arellano & Phebus

Olivia Ruckstuhl –
Arellano & Phebus

Shortly after Olivia Ruckstuhl joined Arellano & Phebus in 2015, it became clear that she would have a big influence on the firm.

Ruckstuhl was hired as a receptionist and legal assistant for a bilingual position. After six months, she was working with the company’s litigation team. With that change, she was responsible for assisting partners with every aspect of lawsuits, from investigation, discovery and depositions to preparations for jury trials and jury instructions.

“Her performance has not only been noticed by the law firm, but by lawyers, judges, clerks that she deals with on a daily basis,” said the partners Victor M. Arellano and Douglas J. Phebus.

“She is also involved in the preparation of personal-injury cases, engages in settlement proposals, writes motions and she is always very welcomed in the court system with judges and clerks.”

Ruckstuhl’s current title is litigation paralegal and office manager.

“What I love most about my job is the intellectual stimulation, the harmonious environment, encouraging and motivating team members and helping clients,” she said.

Ruckstuhl said she has always had a desire to push herself and be involved with work that’s about more than herself.

“I did not have plans to work in the legal field, but after having been given the grand opportunity to work in this field I have grown more than I knew I needed to and more than I imagined,” she said.

Arellano and Phebus said that Ruckstuhl’s performance and dedication are some of the qualities that get her noticed by the legal community.

“This is the type of prospect that comes once in a great while,” the partners said. “Her attitude is extremely tactful and professional, her staff respects her greatly, and at this very young age she has earned the respect of her staff, the respect of the partners, and the respect of the legal profession.”


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