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Court Error – Contract Interpretation

Case Name: Blenker Building Systems, Inc., v. James Sydow, d/b/a Town & Country Builders

Case No.: 2019AP1210

Officials: STARK, P.J.

Focus: Court Error – Contract Interpretation

Blenker Building Systems, Inc., (Blenker) appeals from a small claims judgment entered in favor of James Sydow, doing business as Town & Country Builders (Town & Country). Blenker subcontracted with Town & Country to work on a construction project, but the parties mutually terminated the contract before Town & Country could complete the work. Blenker argues the circuit court erroneously interpreted provisions in the parties’ contract, thereby improperly dismissing Blenker’s claim against Town & Country and entering a money judgment against Blenker on Town & Country’s counterclaim. We affirm.

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