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Wisconsin SPD training attorneys from Country of Georgia

By: Michaela Paukner, [email protected]//November 23, 2020

Wisconsin SPD training attorneys from Country of Georgia

By: Michaela Paukner, [email protected]//November 23, 2020

Attorneys from the Wisconsin State Public Defender’s Office are providing trial training for criminal-defense attorneys in the country of Georgia.

The training started last week and will continue for six weeks, according to the SPD. The goal is to help improve the practice of criminal-defense attorneys in the Eurasian nation.

Georgia began offering more access to the right to trial by jury in 2017, and the SPD said teaching people to advocate for clients is a new part of many criminal cases in the country. The SPD training will concentrate on the theory of defense, cross examination and jury selection. Gina Pruski, SPD training director, and the attorneys Guy Cardamone, Eric Heywood, Richard Jones and Ashley Morse will teach more than 20 Georgian attorneys using videoconference.

Pruski said the attorneys have extensive courtroom experience and a track record of providing trial training in Wisconsin and beyond.

The SPD is working with the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, Embassy Tbilisi, the Georgian Bar Association and the Georgian Legal Aid Service.

The SPD previously worked with the State Department to provide training to attorneys in Armenia.

Kelli Thompson, state public defender, said the SPD is honored to work with the INL again and Georgians to strengthen trust in the judicial system by supporting the rule of law and adversarial principles in the court system.

The State Department is providing technical and financial support, meaning the training is being provided at no cost to Wisconsin taxpayers and on top of the caseload of the SPD attorneys involved.

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