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Nwabuzor lifts up others through personal example, legal work

By: Alison Henderson//September 16, 2020

Nwabuzor lifts up others through personal example, legal work

By: Alison Henderson//September 16, 2020

Isioma Nwabuzor - Baird
Isioma Nwabuzor – Baird

Isioma Nwabuzor is a source of inspiration.

A Black woman who immigrated from Nigeria at a young age, the Baird vice president and associate general counsel describes herself as “intersectionality personified,” a position she uses to advocate for equality and liberation.

“When you think of all the marginalized groups in society, I represent a lot of those,” she said. “I have a duty and obligation to make sure I bring others who look like me with me.”

Nwabuzor earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and psychology before obtaining her degree from Marquette University Law School.

At Baird, Nwabuzor is responsible for the oversight and review of various corporate, transactional and regulatory matters while supporting the philanthropic side of the business.

In more than five years in the field, Nwabuzor has been an advocate by overseeing the recruitment efforts of the firm’s multicultural associate resource group, sitting on its inclusion and diversity team, helping with diversity work between associates and senior officials and serving as the incoming vice chair of Baird’s first women’s resource group.

Her former colleague, DeVona Wright Cottrell, said Nwabuzor is inquisitive and inspiring.

“Even as her mentor, I learned as much if not more than she gained from me,” Wright Cottrell said. “Everything she’s involved in, she uses for the betterment of community.”

In 2019, Nwabuzor founded The DREAMer Next Door Inc. The nonprofit group is designed to encourage millennials to work on various socio-political matters, particularly immigration.

#TheDREAMerNextDoor Scholarship Program is providing $8,000 in scholarships to DREAMers who can’t receive FAFSA and a $1,000 scholarship to a student of color who has been directly affected by police brutality.

Recognized as a dynamic powerhouse, Nwabuzor has big plans to keep growing and lifting up others.

“I want to make sure I’m always excelling, advancing and soaking up more,” she said.


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