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OWI – Suppression of Evidence

WI Court of Appeals – District IV

Case Name: State of Wisconsin v. Katelyn Marie Leach

Case No.: 2019AP1830-CR

Officials: FITZPATRICK, J.

Focus: OWI – Suppression of Evidence

Katelyn Leach appeals a judgment of conviction from the Waupaca County Circuit Court for operating a motor vehicle with a detectable amount of a controlled substance in her blood, second offense, contrary to WIS. STAT. § 346.63(1)(am). On appeal, Leach challenges the denial of her motion to suppress evidence that she gave the arresting officer while questioned by the officer, and all evidence obtained thereafter. Leach argues that the evidence she gave the arresting officer was not given freely and voluntarily, and was thus illegally obtained, and that all subsequently acquired evidence was obtained through the exploitation of the illegally procured evidence. I affirm for the reasons set forth below.

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