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$371M in DOJ grants available to make Wisconsin communities safer

More than $371 million in Department of Justice grants are on offer to help places around Wisconsin tackle addiction, school security, human trafficking and recidivism, the Eastern District of Wisconsin announced on Thursday.

In a press release, U.S. Attorney Matthew Krueger said more than $163 million will be used to fight addiction. The money will support a number of services, including programs designed to present overdose deaths and end the cycle of addiction and crime.

In addition, more than $83 million will go toward improving school security and protect students, teachers and faculty from threats of violence. The initiatives include programs designed to tighten school security and improve threat reporting.

Another $65 million in grants will be used to help fight human trafficking and serve victims of trafficking operations in Wisconsin. Programs should support human-trafficking task forces and services for survivors.

Nearly $60 million in grants is allocated to programs promoting the successful reentry of adult and juvenile offenders into society. The grants also pay for research projects to improve knowledge about what makes reentry programs successful.

Funding opportunities are open for the following programs in each category:

Addiction crisis

School safety

Preventing human trafficking

Reentry programming

The money can be had through the federal Office of Justice Programs. The office has more information about opportunities on its website.

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