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Access to Wisconsin correctional facilities, Milwaukee County jail restricted

Visits at Wisconsin’s correctional institutions and the Milwaukee County Jail have been suspended as a precaution to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office is restricting non-essential access to the county jail, including a temporary suspension of professional-contact visits within the jail. Attorneys who need to visit clients can still meet using booths equipped for non-contact visits. Families can continue to see loved ones in jail using its video-visitation system.

Sheriff’s officials are also suspending face-to-face meetings and large gatherings at the Milwaukee County Jail. The duration of the restrictions was not specified in the press release issued on Friday.

The Wisconsin Department of Corrections said it was temporarily suspending visits at its institutions around the state. A press release from the department said professional visits will continue as of Friday, but the department is making accommodations for phone calls, video conferences and non-contact visits whenever possible.

Milwaukee County sheriff’s officials said they adopted contingency plans for the Milwaukee County Circuit Court, Patrol Services Bureau at Mitchell International Airport, Milwaukee Regional Medical Center, Milwaukee County Parks and all interstates in Milwaukee County in addition to the jail.

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  1. Any inmate with a year or less in a county facility with work release privileges should be allowed to be released immediately..especially those who are 50 and older..it is not a matter of if the virus will hit….it’s a matter of how the facility will respond when it hits are jails….

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