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Jacob Gardner – Stafford Rosenbaum

Jacob Gardner - Stafford Rosenbaum

Jacob Gardner – Stafford Rosenbaum

It’s clear that Jacob Gardner cares deeply about his job and the people he works alongside.

Ask him a few questions about how he ended up at Stafford Rosenbaum, and he’ll give you more than enough background. But it’s not just for show. His fellow employees say his zeal is 100 percent genuine.

Gardner started at the Madison-based firm in 2017 as a part-time employee. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, he accepted a full-time position as the administration assistant for human resources and business development.

“Jacob’s organization and incredible work ethic help keep the team on track with small and large projects alike,” said Kathleen McNeil, head of human resources and business development at Stafford Rosenbaum.

Firm employees truly look out for each other, Gardner said.

“They are always setting me up for success and talking me through everything they do to ensure my development as a young professional,” he said. “We can laugh together, complain together, and yet we fulfill our duties and we do so very well.”

Outside work, Gardner said he enjoys writing, engaging with the community and meditating.

“As someone who has battled with mental illness for several years, I find that writing about things I love (like poems about nature, family, growth and healing) is very therapeutic,” he said. “I am also an outdoorsy kind of guy. I love to hike, camp, backpack, hammock, fish, hunt, garden and swim. I dabble a little in kayaking and standup paddle boarding, too. I find I can get most animals to warm up to me pretty quickly, and I can best clear my head when I’m unplugged and off the grid.”

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