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Eric Ellis – Hupy and Abraham

By: Jimmy Nesbitt//December 5, 2019//

Eric Ellis – Hupy and Abraham

By: Jimmy Nesbitt//December 5, 2019//

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Eric Ellis - Hupy and Abraham
Eric Ellis – Hupy and Abraham

In the past five years, Eric Ellis has made more than 1,000 videos for Hupy and Abraham. That sounds like a lot, but Ellis is not complaining.

Ellis, multimedia specialist at the firm, said every day at Hupy and Abraham is different. Sometimes he’ll be out at a local event filming video; at others, he’ll be working as a volunteer at a charitable organization such as Habitat for Humanity or Feeding America.

The job can be demanding, but Ellis said he’s given the leeway he needs to do all the work that’s set before him.

“The challenge is one of the parts I love about my job,” he said.

“I was shown early that I would able to be as creative as I wanted, with full support from my coworkers and manager, which is why I knew I would want to stay and continue my career here for many years.”

Ellis said his supervisor – Jill Wellskopf, director of marketing – has set an example that should be followed.

“She is always there to help me and the rest of the marketing staff with anything we need,” he said. “She provides me with opportunities to grow by getting me any equipment I need to do my job, letting me attend workshops to learn more, and is very encouraging by allowing me to be as creative as I want to be.”

Wellskopf said Ellis is “beyond dedicated” to his job, sometimes working up to 10 days in row and stopping at more than one event in a single day.

“I know I can count on Eric to get the job done — no matter what is required — and he always comes back with a story about his adventure and a smile on his face,” she said.


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