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Chad Schoen – Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Department

Chad Schoen - Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Department

Chad Schoen – Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Department

The Sheboygan County sheriff deputy Chad Schoen wants to make a difference every day he comes to work.

As the bailiff for Sheboygan County Circuit Court Judge Angela Sutklewicz, Schoen said his job is to make courtrooms safe and help the day proceed. And even though courtrooms can be a tense place, he wants to make sure everyone is being treated with respect.

“The people are what make it wonderful,” he said. “I get along with my judge, my court reporter, the clerks coming in and out of the court and it’s just a good fit for me.”

Sutklewicz said Schoen purchased signs with his own money to keep people out of the gallery’s front rows and prevent them from going down to her chambers.

He even bought a banner to guide people to the veteran’s court.

Sutklewicz said Schoen’s enthusiasm for his work has earned him the nickname “sunshine” from defendants.

“When he brings people from the jail, he’s so nice and he’s always chatting and asking them questions and earns their trust,” she said. “It’s nice because I think you should be respectful, but he said he can also gauge their mood and know what’s going on.”

Schoen began working as a bailiff in February after spending 21 years on patrol.

“I enjoy talking with people,” he said. “I always try to treat everyone the same and with respect. I enjoy having interactions with coworkers and it’s a much more positive atmosphere.”

Sutklewicz said courtroom staff employees feel very safe with the precautions Schoen takes to protect them.

“I just try to stay positive because it’s infectious,” Schoen said. “When you come in with a good attitude and you do your work and you’re pleasant, it seems that’s reciprocated and the day just goes much quicker when everyone’s in a good mood and you can get things done and the mission completed for the day.”

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