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Here’s what people think about the US Supreme Court (in 10 graphs)

Voters are more than twice as confident in the U.S. Supreme Court than the other branches of government, according to Marquette Law School poll results announced Monday. 

The poll surveyed 1,423 people in early September. It asked about perceptions of the high court, decisions or possible decisions on cases, and recognition of who the justices are. See some of the top results in the gallery below. Full results are available online.

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  1. Most people are clueless that there was NEVER supposed to be a SCOTUS as powerful as what we have. The Founding fathers never wanted that, nor did they want a democracy to treasonously replace our republic! Ben Franklin rightfully stated that a “democracy was two Wolves and a Lamb deciding on dinner!” The current statutory scheme playing out in Wisconsin courts is flat out treason, and has nothing whatsoever to do with the Common Law of the republic!

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