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Marquette Law Dean: ‘The Milwaukee community will be less without’ von Briesen president

The dean of Marquette Law School is remembering von Briesen & Roper president and CEO Randall Crocker. Crocker died unexpectedly over the weekend, according to a press release from the law firm.

Crocker was a 1979 graduate of Marquette Law School. In a statement to the Wisconsin Law Journal Wednesday, Dean Joseph Kearney of the Marquette Law School said:

“I admired Randy Crocker as a lawyer, a leader in the profession, and a person. His leadership of von Briesen & Roper was expansive and innovative. Yet throughout this time, he remained in the practice himself, trying cases and counseling clients. Randy’s interests and concerns went beyond the firm, to include the Seventh Circuit Bar Association, which he served as president, and his alma mater, Marquette Law School, where he was a generous and engaged supporter. And they went beyond the legal profession, to include the community more generally, through volunteer work and philanthropy. Not just the firm or Marquette or even the local legal profession but also the Milwaukee community will be less without Randy.”

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