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Husch Blackwell partner leaves firm following battery reprimand

Jeff McIntyre, once a partner at Husch Blackwell’s office in Wisconsin, has left the firm following allegations that he punched a man in the nose outside an apartment on Christmas Day 2017 and drove while intoxicated.

McIntyre, 58, was reprimanded on June 26 by the Wisconsin Supreme Court. He’s alleged to have punched a bartender in the nose on Christmas Day 2017 after the man followed him back to an apartment early in the morning.

According to state officials, McIntyre had been at a bar earlier in the evening with two women. The three became unhappy when they learned bar was closing for the night and one of the women urinated on the floor, according to reports. The bartender called the police and followed them back to an apartment, where he was allegedly punched in the nose.

McIntyre pleaded guilty the following May to a charge of misdemeanor battery.

Separately, McIntyre was stopped in February 2018 for speeding and arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated. It was his third such arrest.

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