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Committee to vote on drunken-driving bills

drunk-driving-OWIA panel of lawmakers is again scheduled to vote on proposals to change some of the state’s drunken-driving laws.

The Assembly Committee on Judiciary and Public safety had been scheduled earlier this month to vote on five pieces of proposed drunken-driving legislation only to see the vote later canceled.

Now the committee is trying again, but this time it is scheduled to take up only on two of the five bills that had been up for a vote: Assembly Bill 15 and Assembly 17.

AB 15 proposes changing state law so that people cited for drunken driving or driving while intoxicated must appear in court. Failure to appear in court would result in a default judgment and a $300 surcharge.

AB 17 would impose a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years in prison on people convicted of homicide by the intoxicated use of a vehicle.

Lawmakers are scheduled to vote on the two bills on Thursday morning in Room 225 North West of the state Capitol hearing public comments at 10 a.m. on a different bill, AB 171. That bill would make it a class C felony for law-enforcement officers to have sex with anyone in their custody.

The next step for any bill the committee recommends for adoption would be a vote on the floor of the full Assembly.

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