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UW-Oshkosh investigates, calls forum over racist images (UPDATE)

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh officials say they’re investigating racist images circulating on social media involving students and called a community forum to discuss them.

University spokeswoman Mandy Potts says officials became aware of the material Thursday that she said involved off-campus housing. An image posted on Twitter showed a whiteboard sign in the house that said, “No Liberals, Jews, Muslims, Queers or Hmongs.”

The same Twitter user posted another photo of a swastika hanging on a wall during a party at what appeared to be the same house.

Chancellor Andrew Leavitt sent a campus-wide email saying the school was aware of “racist messages and hateful symbols involving our students.” He called a forum Friday to discuss the images.

Leavitt said before the forum that university police and the Dean of Students Office were investigating.

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  1. Hanna Royston Fotsch

    Interesting that the fact that the girls broke into the house to obtain the photos and set up the students failed to be mentioned. So it’s ok to break into someones home, exploit them and declare innocence. I call bullshit. We are all entitled to our opinions… unless they differ from a liberals???

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