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High court suspends Milwaukee attorney’s license

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has suspended a Milwaukee attorney’s license for 60 days.

The Office of Lawyer Regulation charged Gary Grass in December with 14 counts of misconduct, which occurred while he was representing four criminal defendants in cases in Waukesha and Milwaukee counties.

His license was temporarily suspended in May for failing to respond to various OLR investigations. The OLR alleges that, among other things, Grass failed to tell his clients that his license had been suspended, to diligently and promptly represent clients and to respond to the OLR when it requested a response or additional information when investigating grievances.

The OLR sought a 60-day suspension of Grass’ license.

Before the high court appointed a referee, Grass reached a stipulation in February with the OLR in which Grass admitted to the misconduct and agreed to a 60-day suspension. The parties asked the court to accept the stipulation without a full disciplinary proceeding.

The justices granted the parties’ request on April 16 and suspended Grass’ license immediately. Because Grass chose to resolve the matter without involving a referee or going through a full disciplinary proceeding, the court did not impose costs on Grass.

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