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Abrahamson withdraws from 3 more cases

Justice Shirley Abrahamson has withdrawn from another three cases scheduled for oral argument.

The cases set to be argued Wednesday were State v. Raytrell Fitzgerald, Raytrell Fitzgerald v. Circuit Court for Milwaukee County and Rural Mutual Insurance Co. v. Lester Buildings LLC.

Before oral arguments began Wednesday morning in the first case scheduled for the day, State v. Fitzgerald, Chief Justice Pat Roggensack told the advocates and others in the hearing room that Abrahamson would not be participating in any of Wednesday’s oral arguments. Moreover, Abrahamson had withdrawn from all three cases, Roggensack said.

Abrahamson withdrew from the three cases on Wednesday and only withdrew from those cases, said a staff member who answered the phone at Abrahamson’s office.

This is the second time this week that Abrahamson has withdrawn from cases scheduled for oral argument. Roggensack made a similar announcement Monday in the court’s hearing room that Abrahamson had decided to withdraw from those three cases.

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