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Neubauer reveals role in 1970s lawsuit

Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Lisa Neubauer is revealing that she was an unnamed plaintiff in a successful lawsuit brought in the 1970s against Chicago police after she was strip searched but not under arrest.

Neubauer tells her story in a campaign video released Thursday. She is running against fellow state appeals court judge Brian Hagedorn in the April 2 election.

Neubauer says in the video that she was a 21-year-old college student in 1978 with her friends in Chicago for a concert when one of them was arrested for taking a parking ticket off of a car.

Neubauer went to the police station to find her friend and police stripped searched her.

She became lead plaintiff in a successful lawsuit, named as Jane Doe No. 1, that led to changes in police strip search policies and laws across the country.

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  1. Thank you standing up to outrageous misconduct by Chicago police officers.

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