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Wisconsin strip club reaches $400K settlement with dancers

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A Wisconsin strip club has agreed to pay $400,000 to settle dancers’ claims that they were paid essentially nothing for their performances.

Teriana Jones, who worked as a stripper at Cruisin’ Chubbys Gentleman’s Club, filed a federal class-action lawsuit in 2017 alleging club managers required dancers to share tips to such an extent that the dancers weren’t paid minimum wage or overtime. The class includes about 109 dancers.

The club and the strippers filed a proposed settlement on Tuesday. The deal calls for the club to pay the strippers and their attorneys $400,000. The attorneys will receive $136,000.

The dancers will divide $245,700. Jones will get an additional $10,000 and her fellow dancer, Bethany Morrisey, an additional $8,000 for acting as class representatives.

The settlement is subject to court approval.

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  1. OMG I’ve recently been thinking if there would be a lawsuit regarding alot of the same exact situation.. But thisthing is this isn’t a recent matter- LET me give you the run down of wen and where and then why I’m inquiring even after all this time ltr.. it kinda really screwed me up in the end after all these years with social security Inc
    OK so when I was still 20 yrs old bk in 1987 ( I believe drinking age bk then was 19) So it was march/April 1987 I started working at the Airport Lounge in Milwaukee Wisconsin rt across frm General Mitchell field international Airport. I was working for George the Greek guy it’s the same owner as it is today.. When I first started to work there I was getting paid minimum wage which bk then I’m pretty sure the minimum wage was $6.00 an hr ( well actually it was $6.45 or something I can’t remember exact change amount but it was around $6 hr I believe I started in either March or April of 1987 WE got paid weekly it wasn’t but like maybe 3 mos ltr that our Manager at that time ‘Wendy’told all the girls that George the owner ( who is still the owner today) said he is no longer paying any of the dancers anymore that they are now all working for tips only.. so then a week ltr we all got our last chk frm George with it they gave us a paper that said we needed to inform & report to the IRS of how much tips we were earning everyday and turn it in to the irs every week. So after the 2nd wk they stopped giving us these forms that we were spose to report our daily tips on. I geuss they wanted us to start reporting and picking up the forms and dropping the forms bk off to the irs office.. and that we were responsible to take care of our own earnings and reports.. Also rt after we stop getting paid by the owner we were also expected to pay out a portion of our tips to the bartender, the waitresses, the security or Bouncers. They made it really hard not to go home with less then wat you came in with.. Well I was only 20yrs old and I hadn’t even had to file for my first tax returns till ltr that year. So for them to expect me to know about how to keep up with reporting on how much I made in tips every nite and turn it in Downtown.. So of corse Almost everyone there just gave up on being paid and I geuss let yur tax person deal with it ltr.. Bur recently I was trying to figure out now that I’m medically disabled and I’m now 56 yrs old because I worked frm 1987 till 1994 without a pay check then I had gotten pregnant in 1990 ( I retired in 1994) but after I had my son I was on AFDC and then had more kids and eventually while I raised my kids in Hawaii now they are all grown up but I now have copd and wanted to apply for permanently disabled But wait a minuite.. George kinda screwed me out of building up an amount saved up in ssi no chk – no savings with ssi – I worked for George for almost 10 yrs.. but now Idk if I can qualify for any help..
    ANYWAYS sry if I rambled.. But you get the jist.
    Is there a siut there somehow..? I feel I’m owed in a way – can you please lmk if there’s a case here.. it is simular than these cases that’s why..

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