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Milwaukee judge, law professor to discuss courts, childhood trauma

A Milwaukee trial-court judge and a law professor will be taking part in a formal discussion this week about childhood trauma and the courts.

Fordham University Law Professor Deborah Denno and Milwaukee County Circuit Court Deputy Chief Judge Mary Triggiano will be guests on “On the Issues with Mike Gousha” at 12:15 p.m. on Thursday in the Lubar Center at Marquette University Law School’s Eckstein Hall, 1215 W. Michigan St., Miwaukee.

The event is free and open to the general public at no cost. Registration is required.

The two will discuss recent research showing how childhood trauma, such as might result from neglect and exposure to violence, increases the likelihood that someone will suffer from brain dysfunction, which can be associated with criminality and violence.

Denno and Triggiano will explore how judicial systems are taking into account recent scientific findings about traumatic stress, and how and when indicators of childhood trauma are examined in the criminal prosecution of juveniles and adults.

Denno is the Arthur A. McGivney Professor of Law and founding director of the Neuroscience and Law Center at Fordham University School of Law, and a widely recognized teacher and scholar in criminal law and in law and neuroscience.

Triggiano is a chair of the Community Justice Council’s Safety and Justice Challenge Trauma Workgroup, which is responsible for incorporating trauma-effective practices in the Milwaukee County Court system.

Gousha is the Law School’s distinguished fellow in law and public policy, and his “On the Issues” series involves conversations with newsmakers.

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