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Farm bureau reminds hunters about state’s trespass law

With the hunting season on the horizon, the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation is reminding hunters and rural landowners about the state’s trespassing laws.

The federation, which represents the state’s farms, noted in a press release on Monday that hunters must get written or verbal permission to hunt on someone’s land.

If landowners are having trouble with trespassers, the federation suggested calling their county’s sheriff’s office, since DNR wardens cannot investigate trespassing complaints.

The federation also noted that hunters must make a reasonable effort to retrieve game they kill or injure but may not trespass on someone’s land to do that.

There are only two types of private land that hunters do not need to get permission to enter. The first is land designated as “open” in the Managed Forest program.

The second type of land is “inholdings,” meaning private land that, primarily found in northern Wisconsin, is surrounded by public land.

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