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Vercauteren buys in to details of real-estate law

Jeff Vercauteren - Husch Blackwell

Jeff Vercauteren – Husch Blackwell

One of Jeff Vercauteren’s strengths as a real-estate lawyer is his concentration on the details that fulfill his clients’ vision.

Vercauteren, of Husch Blackwell’s Madison office, has led a team in closing a property-exchange deal that allowed his client to postpone paying capital-gains tax. The back-to-back transactions, completed in less than 60 days, deferred tax payments from the sale of a property.

In another case, Vercauteren had to account for the complexities involved in a tenants-in-common ownership arrangement so a prominent office building along Madison’s Beltline could be completed. He also led the team that secured tax increment financing for the project, work that had him go before the city government.

“Jeff’s focus and attention to detail has delivered results for clients, particularly those with unusually demanding circumstances,” said Mindi Giftos, managing partner at Husch Blackwell’s Madison office.

Vercauteren’s practice has allowed him to incorporate his long-time interest in architecture with improving man-made settings. The graduate of Notre Dame Law School said he derives satisfaction from seeing a completed project, whether it’s a multimillion-dollar building or a family property.

He serves on the board of directors of the Madison Public Market Foundation, which aims to build the city’s first indoor, year-round public market. He is also a board member of the Nolen Waterfront Strategy Group, which is planning to expand Law Park in Madison and improve public access to Lake Monona from downtown.

“I most enjoy community work where I can utilize my experience as a real estate lawyer to benefit the community,” Vercauteren said.

Husch Blackwell describes Vercauteren as a leader in historic preservation projects because of his work with landmarks, historic districts and historic preservation tax credits.

He has represented the developer of The Marling, a mixed-use building offering luxury apartments near the state Capitol in Madison. The Marling, a big piece of the East Washington Avenue corridor revitalization project, used to house a lumber operation, and its development required careful handling of the site’s historic status and location.

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