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Grayson a master of persuasion in children’s court

Brittany Grayson - Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office

Brittany Grayson – Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office

Whether it’s in children’s court or adult court in Milwaukee County, Assistant District Attorney Brittany Grayson has earned respect in the seven years that she’s been a prosecutor.

For her direct supervisor, Assistant District Attorney Rayann Chandler Szychlinski, who has worked alongside Grayson for four years, that’s no surprise.

“I have observed Brittany maturing in experience and gaining stature as a prosecutor,” Chandler Szychlinski said. “Brittany is very knowledgeable about her caseload and she works extremely hard on case resolution as well as trial preparation. She has successfully litigated a number of contested issues through briefing and has won jury trials and court trials on jurisdiction.”

Grayson works in the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office at the Vel R. Phillips Juvenile Justice Center, where she prosecutes Children in Need of Protection or Services cases, which constitute a special type of complex civil litigation involving child abuse and neglect. Before that, Grayson prosecuted criminal felony and misdemeanor cases with the DA’s domestic-violence team.

“I think in my current assignment, what I enjoy most is protecting kids,” Grayson said. “I see kids as arguably one of the most vulnerable groups. If you think about kids, they are inherently trusting and rely on adults for everything.”

Chandler Szychlinski noted that all of Grayson’s cases are confidential, so the public doesn’t see her work. Grayson has also proved skillful at persuading judges.

“In my opinion, Brittany Grayson is a rising star within the next generation of prosecutors,” Chandler Szychlinski said. “She is known for her quick grasp of complicated issues; she cites to the statutes as well as argues the facts.”

Outside of work, Grayson is a parliamentarian for the Wisconsin Association of African American Lawyers and was recently elected to the State Bar of Wisconsin’s Board of Governors.

“The most important thing to me, in any work that I do, is just that I am making a positive impact,” she said.

Grayson especially hopes to serve as a role model for children of color and encourage them to do any kind of professional work.

“I just hope I’m being a part of the advocating for diversity and being a part of it and making sure that I am the most responsible prosecutor I can be, always acting with empathy, always respectful and that I’m always leaving people with an experience,” she said. “When they leave court, I want them to feel that they have a fair experience with a prosecutor.”

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