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Wisconsin student sues college over valentine distribution

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A Wisconsin student is suing her college, saying her free-speech rights were violated when she was forced to stop handing out Valentine’s Day cards with Bible references.

The conservative law firm Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty filed the lawsuit on Tuesday in federal court in Milwaukee on the behalf of Polly Olsen, a student at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.

The lawsuit alleges Olsen was handing out the cards in the Green Bay college’s student center in February when security workers forced her to stop, saying she might offend people. The lawsuit challenges the college’s policy of restricting public forums to a small section of campus.

In a response posted on its website, the college says it is committed to free speech and the space restriction has been under review since October.

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  1. People are entitled to free speech, to offend and be offended. I just donated $5000.00 to WILL for taking on Marquette University in the Professor McAdams free speech case and winning. We are becoming a nation of crybabies with the help of college administrations.

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