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Democratic AG candidate Kaul makes case against Schimel

OSHKOSH, Wis. (AP) — Democratic attorney general candidate Josh Kaul is making his case against Republican incumbent Brad Schimel, accusing him of prioritizing buying coins with his name on it over having rape kits tested.

Kaul spoke Friday to about 1,500 activists at the state Democratic Party convention in Oshkosh.

Kaul is a former federal prosecutor who was the lead attorney in a legal challenge of Wisconsin’s voter ID law.

Kaul says if elected he will protect voter rights, hold pharmaceutical companies responsible for their role in the opioid epidemic, push for common sense gun safety measures including universal background checks and work to hold polluters accountable.

He says Schimel has failed to test rape kits quickly enough and instead put his priorities in buying things like gold-plated commemorative coins for his staff with Schimel’s name on them.

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