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Milwaukee man seen punched by police faces battery charges

MILWAUKEE (AP) — A Milwaukee man seen on video being kicked and punched by police officers who were trying to restrain him faces charges for injuries three officers sustained during the skirmish.

The Milwaukee District Attorney’s Office on Monday filed three counts of battery to law enforcement against 25-year-old Demetrious Lowe.

Police and prosecutors are also investigating four of the officers involved in Lowe’s arrest Wednesday evening. Cellphone video shot by a bystander showed Lowe on the ground while officers who surrounded him repeatedly struck him.

One officer is on paid suspension and three others are on administrative duty. It’s unclear whether any of those officers were injured.

Officers had approached Lowe on a residential street because he was reportedly acting erratically and violently toward relatives. Police video shows him rushing approaching officers.

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  1. The best defense to police brutality is to charge only the victim

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