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City attorney to prosecute senator for disorderly conduct (UPDATE)

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Milwaukee city attorney’s office will prosecute Democratic state Sen. Lena Taylor for disorderly conduct.

Taylor’s attorney, Vince Bobot, said police cited Taylor after she got into an argument with a teller at a Wells Fargo bank branch on April 6. He says the city attorney’s office decided late Monday afternoon to prosecute the citation in municipal court.

The citation states Taylor was visibly upset, waving her arms, pointing her finger at bank staff and using racial slurs.

Disorderly conduct is a civil violation that carries a $195 fine. Bobot said Taylor will plead not guilty.
Deputy City Attorney Adam Stephens said Taylor has an initial court appearance May 21.

Taylor told a reporter Tuesday to quit calling her cellphone and referred questions to Bobot.

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